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Campus Recycle Program

General Information

In an effort to implement our recycling program the University community is required to bring their recyclable items to the locations specified. The only items accepted will be recyclable items generated from work. No home recyclables will be accepted. Listed below are the only three items allowed to be placed in the containers, which are set up for multi-stream usage.

Cardboard: Break down and lay flat inside container


  • Old Corrugated Cardboard
  • paperboard boxes (like cereal boxes), shoe boxes & other similar cardboard material


  • newspaper, with ads and inserts
  • Mixed paper - unwanted mail & envelopes, magazines, catalogs, & phone books, paperboard boxes (like cereal boxes) shoeboxes & other similar paper

Metal: (aluminum & tin/steel)

  • metal soft drink cans
  • beverage cans
  • food containers
  • aerosol spray cans
  • aluminum foil & trays

Plastics: (bottles/containers)

  • soap, shampoo or soft drink bottles
  • dteregent containers
  • containers marked with a #1 thru #7 recycling symbol

Phone Books:

In the effort to maintain a smooth transition from year to year update of the phone books. We will schedule a one time pickup at a centralized location to remove all out-dated phone books from the campus. A campus announcement will be published on a time and location of this effort.

How to Recycle

  • Labels Do Not need to be removed from bottles or containers.
  • Remove and dispose of lids from metal, plastic bottles, jars & cans.
  • Food containers should be clean (rinsed) for sanitation purposes.
  • Always keep newspaper dry and separate from other types of paper.
  • Flatten boxes and corrugated cardboard. Helps reduce the amount of empty space inside the container to utilize for maximum capacity.

No garbage of any kind is to be placed in the containers provided.

Recycle pick up service from each of the specified locations will occur between the hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

As we evolve in our program future announcements via this web page will be posted alerting changes in what is allowed to be collected in our bins.